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Chapter Released
356 – Jötunn (Part Two) May 27th, 2018
356 – Jötunn (Part One) Apr 30th, 2018
355 – Beneath Sun-Dappled Trees Mar 24th, 2018
354 – Awakening Feb 24th, 2018
353 – The Final Fragment Jan 26th, 2018
352 – The Cause Dec 23rd, 2017
351 – Forest of Corpses and Needling Pines Jun 23rd, 2017
350 – Memory Fragments May 26th, 2017
349 – Passage of Dreams Apr 28th, 2017
348 – Gloomy Wastes Mar 23rd, 2017
347 – Flowerstorm King Sep 22nd, 2016
346 – Elfhelm Aug 25th, 2016
345 – Archmage Jul 27th, 2016

Where’s the complete list?
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