Chapter Secrets 903

Magazine Cover-
This week’s Jump Cover is showcasing the beginning of the Reverie Arc.
It is now officially confirmed by the magazine.
This chapter begins the Reverie Arc.
On the cover page We see Luffy and Vivi showing their X mark on their
hands which was the symbol of their friendship.
Karu also has the X mark on her left wing.
Cobra is also shown folding his hands though he is grown old in just two years.
This Shows that Reverie is finally starting.
You can also see “Reverie begins” written on the right side.


Cover Page-
We see the Yontomaria fleet of Orlumbus,who is one of the 7 captains of the
self procalaimed straw Hat fleet grand fleet.
On the Main ship its written 4 Tamaria which literally means yontamaria as
4=yon,there are also 3Tamaria and 2Tamaria on the backside.
Which means santamaria and nitamaria.
The biggest ship is 4Tamaria(1 in no.),and the average ones are
3Tamarias(5in no.) and the smallest are 2tamarias(50 in no.).
By now you all must know that Orlumbus was inspired by the great explorer
Christopher Columbus.And the egg on the sail is also referred to an old story
related to Columbus.
Source of the story here-

Page 1-
Sunny sure took a lot of damage in the WCI,but it seems just fine in the 1st panel
As Franky is not with themm it is impossible for the rest of the crew to repair it on their own.I wonder if its just a mistake by Oda.
As its morning, Everyone on the sunny has changed clothes except Luffy and Chopper.
As Luffy is still in the Mummy form(full of bandages)due to his injuries and
as for chopper he was treating luffy all this time.
Sanji is wearing a black shirt and a white tie though he forgot to wear the coat
as he usually wears.

Nami is wearing a Top and a 3/4th pant probably a legging or jeans.(No skirts)
Brook is wearing a classic shirt with stripped pattern.The same old ones.

We can also see that the gunshot wound which Sanji recieved in chapter 898 has
been bandaged by chopper.
But its on the wrong arm.
Clearly the wound was on the left arm in chapter 898.
But Oda made little mistake, the bandage is flippping between his left and
right arm throughout the whole chapter.

Page one niji and sanji scene-
At this scene Niji put the raid suit in luffy’s pocket as he knew sanji
won’t take it directly.

Luffy and chopper begs sanji not to throw the raid suit away.
Sanji Throws the raid suit towards luffy and chopper when they desparately try
to get the hold of it before it breaks.

Then We see Nami summoning Zeus.
Zeus actually became Nami’s own pet.Nami will definitely be called the
weather queen afer this.

We also see Sanji picking a fight with Zeus as Sanji claims himself to be the
first slave of Nami swan..(is that a thing to be proud of..??)
But Zeus responds by saying he is the one who is living inside the climatact
which Nami always keeps with herself.
Nami is overjoyed after obtaining a vewry strong slave.

Page 3- Top right corner
You can see the raid suit in Luffy’s hands from up above,
but it doesn’t seem to work so he asks sanji to use it but Sanji refuses angrily.
Carrot is at the top of the Sunny when The news coo delivers the Newspaper
to Carrot and takes off. Carrot is wearing a top and a skirt similar to the
one she wore when they arrived in Totto land.
Carrot gets shocked after seeing Luffy’s picture on the front page.
Carrot Jumps on the Deck to show the newspaper to everyone.
When Luffy asks her about Jinbei.
The Newspaper says”Lufffy,Sanji,Jinbe,Bege attempted to assasinate big mom”
and also “Luffy was the Ring Leader”
Two new Bounty Posters fall from the newspaper,which makes you think who
except luffy will get a bounty.Or if there are more posters or not.
Sanji picks up his poster and whaabaammm!!
330,000,000 Berries Bounty!!
It’s quite Ironic as San means 3 and the new bounty has 33 in it.
This time Vinsmoke is added to Sanji’s name.
Also Notice-it’s back to Dead or Alive instead of Only Alive.
This means Germa 66’s Importance is lost.
I wonder What happened to Jinbei,Germa 66 and Pekoms…??

Page 4
When Sanji realizes that his bounty went higher than Zoro, he gets so excited
and literally screams..”YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” in English.
And says “Take that you shitty Mosshead.”
The entire sunny leaps in the air after Sanji’s excitement.

The sunny does this again after thinking that Luffy’s bounty is reduced to
150,000,000 berries.

But Sanji’s gets disappointed after seeing the Vinsmoke name in his poster.
Lady luck is never on his side.
His bounty poster always disappoints him in one way or another.

Page 5
Fishman island is now apparentely under Strawhats Protection.
As once Neptune said soon they will have to fly Strawhats Jolly Roger in future.
You can find the three Royal Sons sitting on the royal gondola.
There is also a battleship behind them which is there for
escorting them to the Reverie.
It appears Shirahoshi finally made up her mind to go the the Reverie,
which will be dangerous as the fact of her being the Ancient Weapon Poseidon
is probably known to Kaido through Caribou ofcourse.

Page 6
Then we see Crocodile reading the newspaper sitting on a sofa chair in a
mansion.In the back you can spot few goons standing on guard,probably Crocodile
formed another crew.
Then we see Cavendish and Bartolomeo giving Interviews to the reporters
probably about them being the part of the Strawhat grand fleet.
Dalton and Dr.Kureha are heading to the Reverie,in the back there is one of the
doctors of the famous 100 Doctors of the Drum Kingdom.
Vivi and Karu are Surprised after reading the news about Luffy.
Pell is smiling and igaram is worried while chaka asks him to control himself.
But there is an important detail here…
Zoom in the newspaper, which vivi is reading,you will see an article about
Dr.Vegapunk and probably a photo of him is also given.
This is quite a shock the most mysterious man whose identity is not know still
in the series, suddenly appears in the newspaper.

Bege is pissed off after reading the news,while Pez is overjoyed,Chiffon is
glad that her friends made it of safely.

Page 7
We finally see the new Marine HQ. The structure is somewhat similar to the old Marineford HQ.Only difference is that there are two massive archways resembling a seagull,which is the symbol of the Marines.
There are also two towers on the two wings of the seagull,probably for look out. It was originally the Marine Branch G-1, which was made the new HQ by Akainu, in order to relocate the HQ in the New World.


King Riku And King Elizabello are travelling together to the Reverie.
They are playing chess on Dressrosa’s Ship seeing the Soldiers outfit.
Rebecca with Leo and others approaches them running

Page 8-Zoom in the first panel
You can see two ships belonging to Dressrosa and Prodence as Prodence is
written on the sails of one of the ships.
It also has a giant Statue which resembles king Elizabello.
The kidnapped lady is Princess Komane of the Illusia Kingdom,Daughter of
Thalassa Lucas.

The Kidnappers Submarine is of frog shape.
page 11
Coby is now a Marine HQ Captain and has his own ship,on whioch Coby/Koby is
written on the Sail.-(Page 12)

Page 12- Helmeppo is a Marine HQ Lt.Commander now.
Helmeppo talks about Coby’s Advanced Observation Haki.
He is also able to hear all the voices surrounding him just like Aisa and Enel’s
Power “Mantra”from Skypiea Arc.

Kyros remembers Coby from The Rocky Port Incident.
Apparently he was the Marine Hero who protected the citizens in the Rocky Port Incident.No info about the incident has been revealed yet.
But its probably something like this-
“Some pirate groups/fleet may have attacked the Rocky Port for Looting when
Coby fought them..,Law was the mastermind behing the event.
It is said there he took out the hearts of 100 Pirates and offered them to the
WG to become a Schichibukai.”

Page 13-
When you zoom in the left panel, you will find Weevil on the newspaper,with
the words WARNING.This is probably because all the destruction he caused despite being a Warlord.

Page 14-
Kaidou is reading the Newspaper and referred to luffy as “that bastard who
interfered with my trade”.
Looks like Zoro and the others haven’t caught Kaidou’s attention yet.

We also see Blackbeard reading the newspapers.
We can see the newspaper cleary in this panel.
It reads”Big Mom Assasination Attempt”

In WCI, Big Mom is pissed after reading the newspaper…,
Morgans altered the whole news for the sake of Excitement.
Big Mom is accusing StrawHat and says”Straw Hat should watch his back.”

Finally Shanks has appeared,he is siting at a shore..After reading newspaper
he says ” we’ll be able to meet soon.”
This is reffered to Luffy.As Shanks promised Luffy to meet him when he will be
a great Pirate.

Page 15-
Brook realised that they misread Luffy’s bounty.
And told everyone the actual bounty which is 1.5 Billion Berries!!
Everyone went nuts after this.Their hairs go straight up and
their eyes popped out.
Even Sanji’s hair went all the way up and we can see his both eyes popping out.
Brook actually grew real eyes which were popped out.
Also whats bizarre is both Chopper’s hat and his antlers popped out from his skull.
The same thing happens to the Sunny’s Figurehead.

Not just that,The Sunny leaps into the air almost vertically with a massive sound
of “eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh”.

Now then,1.5 billion belly bounty!! Most of the fans were analysing and saying
there is no way luffy’s bounty will go that high.
But i knew, the bounty would definitely go over 1 Billion.
Thats only fair as Luffy Defeated 2 Sweet Commanders with one over 800 million
bounty and the other over 1 Billion bounty.

As Katakuri’s bounty was 1 Billion 56 Million Berries.
I thought Luffy’s would be something like 1.2 Bil-1.3 Bil.
But hell it came out to be 1.5 Billion.
Looks like he became a even greater threat to the WG than Before.

The World now sees him as The 5th Emperor.

So let’s recap the whole Big News:-
-Sanji got a raid suit of the Germa
-Nami got Zeus,most powerful weather weapon.
-Sanji’s Bounty raised to 330,000,000.
-Fishman Island is under Strawhat’s Protection.
-Crocodile is emerging again
-Vegapunk is in the news,probably face revealed
-Princess of Illusia Kingdom Shown
-Coby became a Poweful Captain
-Helmeppo is Lt.Commander
-Shanks appearance
-Luffy got a bounty of 1.5 Billion Berry.
-Luffy became The 5th Emperor.

But we still have many unanswered questions-
-What about the bounties of Nami,Chopper and Brook…??
They were still the part of Big Mom Assasination plot.
They should get a raise in their bounties too.
-Bege’s bounty should get a raise too.
-What about the Germa??
Surely now the world know about their existence is real.
Will they be revoked of their right to attend the Reverie…???
-What about Jinbei’s Bounty..?? He should get a raise in his bounty too.

More importantly,What in the world happened to Jinbei,Sun Pirates,Germa 66 and
What do you guys think about this???
Let us know in the comment section.

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