How they Changed Boruto’s Storyline???

So I am guessing both lovers and haters must have watched Episode 59 and 61 by now. So let’s talk about it… If by any chance, you have also seen Boruto:The Movie…You would know the drastic changes they made in the series…

So let’s refresh your memory…Watch the fight between Shikadai and Boruto in the Boruto Episode 59.

Now Watch the fight between Shikadai and Boruto in Movie once again…(Skip to 50:00 mins)


Notice the major changes…?? Here is the list of full changes that has been made-

  • Boruto and Shikadai are fighting in the Semifinals in the series where as in the movie they are fighting in the Finals.
  • Boruto’s is busted after the fight with Shikadai in the Movie where as in the series Boruto is busted in the finals with the fight with Shinki and Sarada.
  • Shinki (adopted son of Gaara) was introduced in the series who was not  the part of the Naruto Franchise in the Boruto Movie.

So just for the sake of introducing Shinki as the son of the 5th Kazekage, they have to make these changes.

Anyways you should decide this for yourself whether which version you like..,the one from the Movie or the one from the Series…

Personally I think both were good,but in the series the Finals was looking interesting just because of the amazing power of Shinki otherwise they both are the same.

Though I still hate the way they made every character so powerful from the very start…

Well anyways, what do you guys think about this??? Let me know your thoughts.

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