One Piece 908 Spoilers

908: The World Conference Begins
Mansherry heals Shirahoshi.
Mjosgard promise to take responsibility if things devolve into fighting. He will go with Shirahoshi to the conference.

Pell runs over and apologises for not being with Vivi.
Cobra reads a letter and says he will speak with Riku and Fujitora
Queen Connie of the solbe kingdom comes over to the Tenryuu Gate of the Pangea Castle. She is told she cannot enter.

Roswald is riding on the former king of the Solbe Kingdom Kuma.
Kuma is being rented out as an invincible slave.

A mysterious figure is looking at the photos of Luffy, Shirahoshi, Vivi and B.B.
the person sits on the throne and is called Im-Sama by the Gorosei.
The Gorosei ask Im to tell them who is the next light that should be erased from history.

?: Calm down Sabo!
S: is that all a comrade means to you!? That kind hearted Kuma!!
Morley: I understand how you feel. I feel the same. Kuma san can’t be left like that. That’s why we came here.
K: But even if we release him, he won’t be as he was before.
M: But to let Kuma chan’s life be a sacrifice to the WG is!
L: He’s formerly a king of an affiliated country so they’re showing him off.
S: We won’t fail. We’ll succeed… or die.

Gorosei: It seems the conference has begun. The king of Alabasta, Cobra has requested a meeting with us.
Gorosei 2: The Nefertari family decided to remain in the lower world 800 years ago. But their bloodline is that of the First 20 Families.
G3: In other words, they are traitors.
G4: Has he realised something? Let’s hope he doesn’t complicate matters.
G5: Big Mom and Kaido (illegible) It’s been 2 years since the Summit War and yet the waves are still unstoppable.
Glasses: We cannot protect the balance of the world forever. So now it seems we must conduct one big purge.
Kneeling person: Im-sama… [illegible]


Chapter 908 “Beginning of Reverie”

Shirahoshi’s bruises disappear using Masherry’s powers.
Mjosgard promises to stay by Shirahoshi’s side during the conference and to take full responsibility if any fights happen.

Pell comes running to Vivi and apologizes for not being with her. Cobra is reading a certain letter for Fujitora, and he, Fujitora, and King Riku are having a discussion.

The Queen of the Sorube Kingdom, Conney, arrives at the Celestial Dragon door at Pangaea Castle where she is stopped from entering. In order to attend to urgent business, Charlos returns and comes to meet Roswald, who heard of the incident. Roswald is riding on Kuma, the present Shichibukai, former Revolutionary Army commander, and former King of the Sorube Kingdom. Kuma is rented out as an unrivaled slave.

The gates are opened for Charlos, which is used by Conney, who is really Bonney, to infiltrate in. She resolves reaching her target after seeing Kuma’s tragic state.

Sabo, Morley, Lindbergh, and Karasu infiltrate underground using Lindbergh’s ability. They act to not leave with out rescuing Kuma, who was made an example of due to being a former member nation’s king.

And then the day of Reverie.
The Five Elders are suspicious of Cobra, who inquired for an audience, and think that a one great purge is needed if the long-lasting balance of the world can not be protected.

A mysterious person tears up the bounty posters of Luffy and Blackbeard, pierces a picture of Shirahoshi with a sword, and gazes ponderingly at a picture of Vivi. This person sits in the Empty Throne and is called Imu-sama by the Five Elders. The Five Elders wish to learn if there is a light that Imu would like erased from history.


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