One Piece Chapter Secrets 905!!

Chapter Secrets 905-A beautiful World

Cover Page-Tales of the self proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet Vol 25. Orlumbus Arc “The Pirate Life”-At 6.a.m.: Folding Pajamas

In the cover page you can see Orlumbus folding his Pajamas at 6 a.m.
If you take a closer look at his cabin,you ll see despite being a Pirate,
Orlumbus lives like a gentlemen.You ll see that his uniform and cap is well hung.
His sheets are folded on the bed.And there are even curtains in his cabin
On the wall there is a shelf containing wine bottles and glasses.
You will also see a map and globe.
On the right hand sside there are encylopedias that means he likes reading
There are also two tresure chests lying in his cabin.

1st page-
Here you see the New Marineford.As you all know two years ago Marineford was destroyed
to rubble in the War of the Best.The reason being Whitebeard and Blackbeard and their gura gura no mi.
As the Marineford had the Symbol of Marine’s justice for decades,so they made a new one
even stronger Marineford in the New World side of the Red Line.
Here you can see in this panel…MarieJois lies in between the Old Marineford and the
New Marineford.Marineford still serves as Gate to MarieJois.

Page 2-
Fujitora is in MarieJois and Akainu is still mad at him as Fujitora was ordered to not enter any marine
base untill he brings Strawhats and Law’s head for what happened in Dessrosa.
Here we saw T-Bone.Reporting all this to Akainu.
T-Bone is Navy HQ’s vice admiral, who was defeated by Zoro in Water Seven Arc.
But despite that he is a very formidable opponent remember this guy walked the freaking
ocean to reach Ennies Lobby.
We also see Sengoku taunting Akainu for handling such a tough job.

Page -3
The Old Marinedford is now the G-1 Branch and behind it is the Giant Red Port through
which the WG crossess the Red Line.
There are so many Ships at the Port,most of them belong to the Kings of the various
countries attending Reverie, and some to the Marines.
In this port the Same Bubbles from Sabaody Archipalego are used as Bondola to lift the
people to the Holy land of MarieJois.
We can also see some small bubbles in the air just like Sabaody…
This means this port is very near to Sabaody because as stated in Sabaody Arc these
bubbles can be found in the Atmosphere of Sabaody only.

Here in the left panel we see a ship arriving at the port.
You can see “ROSHWAN” is written on its sail, probably refers to “Russian” Kingdom. There are also Two beer mugs drawn on the sail..and they refers to the King as
his name is Beer VI.

We also see King Beer VI’s 4 daughters, they are all identical but different in age..
And are quite disciplined to stand in the row heightwise also if you zoom in
you ll see their eyes are seeing in different direction alternatively.
They are also carrying baskets in their right hands, wonder whats inside??probably food.

Then We see King Ham Burger from Ballywood Kingdom which refers to Bollywood.
Its quite contrasting as he seems more like Abraham Lincoln. See the hat and beard.
Also he walks quite slowing but says he never turns back.
Probably just have a backache i guess.

Then here is Queen “Mororon” from Tajine Kingdom., she is carrying a wine of glass with her
She doesnt seem to have a king…and She is so gorgeous and sexy..look at her
Also her name refers to “Muron” a type of rice cake.

Then We see King Tacos from Shishano Kingdom.
Its quite Ironic as he is also wearing a Taco Hat which has a Cactus on top of it.
Clearly refering to Mexico.Though he seem to have good sense of humour.

And then we see a another ship arriving at the port..,
if you zoom in you ll see The Bull dog on it.., yes its Garp Ship.

Apparently Garp is the one escorting King Neptune and the Mermaid Princess.
This makes you think that how important is The Mermaid Princess if they sending Garp to
escort them.Here we see King Neptune and the Ryugyu brothers wearing A Coat,
probably first time in the series.
People are mesmarized by Princess Shirahoshi’s unmatchable beauty.
Shirahoshi as usual couldn’t find a shirt big enough to hide her cleavage..,i like it though…heheh
Despite being the part of the Reverie for 200 years,this is only the 2nd time they are attending it.
Garp is wearing black suit maybe cause he is semi retired now.
Also he is eating his favourite rice crackers.He thought he was going to die down there.
Down there refers to the ocean surface as he was escorting the Ryugu Family.

Here we see Morgans has gone head over heels for Princess Shirahoshi.                 All the press is shooting pictures of her.
To which Neptune asks Garp,why Shirahoshi is so Popular!
Garp tells him about the rumors on the surface about Mermaid Princess being so beautiful that even Boa Hancock/Pirate Empress couldn’t compare to her.
Garp also says because she is so gigantic,she is attracting everyone’s attention.
Though i took it the other way…Gigantic Boobs…!!Ahem..

So,apparently Shirahoshi refers to Garp as “Luffy Sama’s Grandfather”.
Wonder how did she knew.

Page 7-
Here Stelly blocked Garp’s way.
Stelly is the current king of the Goa Kingdom and Sabo’s adopted younger brother.
While Stelly was babbling about himself Morgans says that except Garp, Goa kingdom has only produced great criminals referring to Dragon,Ace,Sabo and Luffy.

Page 8
Stelly’s Trivia is revealed.He married to princess “Nantokanette” means “something”.
Also reference to Marie Antoinette,as stated by Oda in vol 84’s SBS.
Apprently Stelly asks Garp about his connections to the Nobles as he want to be a Tenryubitto/Celestial Dragon Someday.To which Garps refers him as a Scumbag.

When King Neptune holds Stelly by his two fingers..Stelly is terrified after seeing a Gigantic Being. He gets more frightened when he remembers the rumor that “when you come into contact with Fishman,you’ll contract a rare disease.!! Stelly passes out after this.
King Neptune with Shirahoshi and brothers depart for the Holy Lang of MarieJois in Bondola no.2

Here you can have a clear look at it.It has a small palace inside of it.
It is attached by ropes and propeller by two proprellers on either side.
If you ask me, it looks more like a Spaceship than a lift.
Shirahoshi is amazed by seeing the endless Sky and bright Sun.

Shirahoshi tells her Father that if possible she would like to live on the surface
with everyone else from their kingdom.
Here we see Admiral Ryokugyuu/Greenbull,though only his Silhoutte is shown.
This is the First time he is shown since the Timneskip.
He has been ordered by Sakazuki to make Fujitora leave, though he is not doing his job.

Fujitora is eating ramen which was offered to him by Admiral Greenbull,as apprantely Admiral Greenbull claims that he hasn’t ate since 3 years and will only eat if a pretty girl feeds him. So he’s a pervert then huhh…interesting.

Here one important detail is revealed.

Apparently Fujitora went to find Vegapunk,but he couldn’t meet him. But he says Vegapunk created something incredible and now there will be no need of Seven Warlords.
By the sounds of it,it must be some terrifying power which challenges the might of
the Ancient Weapons.
So this was the reason why Vegapunk was in the news in chapter 903 & 904.


The Panel Shows Kamabakka Kingdom.We also see 3 new characters besdies Koala and Bello Betty.
Bello Betty and Koala are talking about “Fighting the Wolrd Govt. for the sake of
Fishmen…”-seriously what does this mean???
Well everybody thought Revolutionary Army is fighting the pirates and the system of World Govt. But there is more…”Fighting for the sake for Fishmen”-we’ll disccuss about it in our theory.
Koala replies by saying that They don’t want to finish WG itself rather the Celestial Dragons who control them.

In this left Panel,Stelly tells King Hamburger that he saw a Giant Peeking at him
from inside of the wall and he was holding a Harpoon…Guess “Commander Morley” of RA has infiltrated the Reverie with his power by moving inside of the Red Line.

Some Crows came flying towars the Bondola,which scared the hell outta Stelly.
Sabo has infiltrated the Reverie as a Guard.
And if Sabo and Morley is here then i am guessing by seeing the Crows,Karasu is also here..And maybe Dragon and Lindberg too.


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