Shokugeki no Soma 270 spoilers

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Shokugeki no Soma 270 “The True Culprit” 

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The foreigner says he will erase the fact that a Shokugeki happened between them because of Tadokoro’s dish. And the inns that stopped operating are now working again. Soma reports to Erina that they have completed their mission. The midnight chefs that came invading Japan are also at different places, so the other Eliten ten are on a mission dealing with that.

Eizan is in Yokohama, Kuga is in Koube, Isshiki is in Kanazawa, Nene is in Osaka, and Takumi (Isami came with him) is in Fukuoka.

They ask the foreigner where he has learned about a Shokugeki is. The midnight chefs are usually working alone, but in a huge party held by the Mafia, there was a chef that was on another level who taught them what a Shokugeki is. As the midnight chefs don’t stick together a lot and don’t really show their faces, they don’t know how that person looks like or if he’s a foreigner or not. But he called himself as Saiba.

“Behind the incident, there is Soma’s father’s shadow…?”

Full order of seats:
​1st seat: Soma
2nd seat: Isshiki
3rd seat: Kuga
4th seat: Hayama
5th seat: Kurokiba
6th seat: Alice
7th seat: Takumi
8th seat: Eizan
9th seat: Nene
10th seat: Tadokoro

Image Translation:

Image 1:
Megumi: Alright, eat up before it gets cold. If you want more rice, then just say it okay~

Foreigner: Yes, Mama Megumi!! Thanks for the food.

Megumi: Ehm…

Foreigner: Yes! What is it Mama Megumi!

Megumi: Calling me as Mama Megumi…I’m kinda embarrassed when you call me like that so…could you stop it…

Foreigner: Yes! I will stop it. Megumi san!

Image 2:
Soma: Yeah! That’s all. Tadokoro made sure to rehabilitate the culprit. So, Nakiri be thankful to Tadokoro hehehe…

Erina: Why do you seem so proud although you didn’t solve the incident…

Soma: But we made sure we completed the mission! Alright, I have to get breakfast.

Erina: W…wait. We still haven’t discussed the main points! The reason why the midnight chefs have invaded this country! As long as that hasn’t been revelled yet, we can’t say that all is good now.

Image 3:
Eizan: I will interrogate them. When guys like that are roaming around, then it’s a hindrance to my business.

Kuga: Hey hey hey won’t you tell me why you thought of invading this country? Where did you hear about the Shokugeki? Isn’t it strange? That suddenly so many midnight chefs came to this country? Isn’t it weird if there isn’t some kind of reason for that?!

Kuga: That’s how I’m interrogating him. Ah Yukihira chin, don’t forget to get me some hot spring Manju! Hot spring Manju!

Isshiki: That’s right…I have captured the invader as well, but he won’t break his mouth so easily. I wonder what could convince him to open up his mouth…?

Erina (Could be Nene, but it’s probably Erina): Yes…I will do something about it. You give your best as well Yukihira kun.

Image 4:
Foreigner: If you wanna interrogate me, then why won’t you just torture me? Hehe it’s everyday business in the underground world. Also…when I get tortured by a Lolita like you…Hehe you’re hitting my sexual strike zone..!

Nene: Kill yourself.

Foreigner: Thank you so much.

Takumi: Is it you Yukihira? I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy right now! I will call you back later!

Isami: The culprit is running away big bro!

Random person: Stop the ship! Stop the ship now!

Takumi: Uoooooooo waaaaittttt!!!


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