Tokyo Ghoul:re S1 Just ended and we can’t keep calm!!

Hola Guys!! So Tokyo Ghoul: re season 1 just ended…the 12th episode of the season was released few hours back. And hell it was amazing as fuck…As I predicted they finished the season after Tsukiyama Extermination Arc.

Now taking about the final episode I am sure everyone of you still has Adrenaline rush going on…So let’s sum it up what happened.

First Eto entered the battle in full Owl Form. So the question is… Was she there for just fun or was there some other motive behind it??

BTW did you guys notice..,How she came out of the Owl’s Carcass just like Eren comes out of his Titan??? Hahaha well kinda similar at least…

Anyway seeing Eto in that form (naked except bandages) was sure fulfilling to most…

And then Haise let Kaneki take over…His hair suddenly turned black, I think that is the proof that he is Kaneki now..!!





And this is epic!! SHUT THE HELL UP

Now this is interesting….I thought Kuzen lost Eto when “V” hunt him down, or so it was shown in the anime…But hey anime watchers thats what you get for not reading manga…

And then Shirazu died…!! As expected from a wound that huge…*I cried a little* or got teary eyed at least….

Ohhh and Tsukiyama is saved by Touka and Yomo…Hori was a big help after all… She didn’t let him die….And Kanae[Karren] helped too…. And too those still wondering about Kanae’s gender….She is a female…..always been one….

Watch the full episode here!!!

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